Tabaski Kollection

“Tabaski” signifies “Eid Al Adha” in wolof, and we’re so excited to share stunning,high quality jewlery pieces with you this holiday. Please stay tuned for our bangles and klassic rings ✨ From Dakar to you ❤️

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Le Baobab, Tree of Life

At Kayrafet, we are more than just a jewelry brand; we are a celebration of Senegalese culture, fashion, and the enduring spirit of friendship. Our journey began with our Founder Fatima, a lover of everything Senegal, who wanted to share beautiful Dakar rings with her friends and community. You guys loved our rings, and consistently wanted to see more. Knowing the potential in this opportunity, Kayrafet was born. From one Senegalese girl to two Senegalese Sisters who shared a deep bond, a passion for creativity, and a dream to bring a piece of Senegal's rich heritage to you. 

About Us

Signature Kayrafet Rings

Kayrafet Rings are high quality, non-color changing, waterproof and alcohol proof rings made from metal and a small quantity of gold.

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