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Kayrafet Thiouraye

Kayrafet Thiouraye

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Limited edition product. Kayrafet Thiouraye is now available for those who love earthy, traditional. west african thiouraye. This thiouraye comes straight from Senegal and is hand crafted and packed by Senegalese women who are dedicated to their craft and culture. Thiouraye generally burns best by burning with charcoal; however, this thiouraye also works well with electric incense burners. 

This thiouraye comes in a 12oz jar, and can last about 3 months if used sparingly. Please do not place fingers in the thiouraye as that can spoil the product and lessen its freshness. Thiouraye should also be smelled via sniffing the cap, and not directly within the bottle-- this also helps with freshness preservation. Last tip from Senegalese feminine tradition, is to leave the plastic cover on top of the thiouraye when not in use, this also helps to provide the moisture and scent. 

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