How to order your Kayrafet Klassic Ring!?

Our Klassic rings are undeniably what makes Kayrafet so special. By providing a luxurious feel at an affordable price, we are happy to bring good quality rings to you! Please follow the instructions below to properly place your ring order. 

1. Visit “ Kayrafet Klassic Rings”

2. Choose your ring size from the available sizes (6-10)

3. Choose the design that calls your name! They are labeled in the respective photo by letters. For example, if you are size 8, and love the 8L ring, then choose style 8L to complete your order. 
4. Add ring to cart! 
5. To add another Klassic Ring, repeat the above steps after adding each ring. You must add the rings individually to your cart (unless you’re buying multiple of the same size and design)

Don’t know your ring size? Refer to this template and measure your finger right at home. Please round up to the nearest whole number for the Klassic ring to fit comfortably. (Tip: most iPhones have a "measure" app that may be helpful in sizing your finger)


Any questions? Send us a DM on Instagram @kayrafet. 

happy shopping :)

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